Restricted Memory & Data Framing Tricks

 c memory embedded ti msp430 union

Working on microcontrollers is a far cry from the essentially unlimited memory and floating point operations available in Python and other high level languages. Here’s what I have been learning at my first internship…

Runnerspace, Built in Under 30 Hours

 flask hackathon utsa rowdyhacks projects

I attended Rowdy Hacks 2022 at UTSA, and while I can’t say I left smiling, I did create a pretty cool project that I’d like to talk about.

Project Facelift, New and Old

 projects photography update

Through December, I decided to make heavy visual changes to many of my biggest projects, creating custom banners, of which I am quite proud…

Jekyll, GitHub Pages, and Azabani

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This is my first time trying to create a proper blog, and my second time using GitHub pages, the first less than 2 weeks earlier.

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