Race Conditions in Signal Handlers

 tar signals interrupt handler process unix race-condition

Signals offer a unique, low-level way of communicating with processes. But under certain circumstances, they can kill processes, even when they should work.

Painting Images with IPv6

 ipv6 python asyncio websocket PIL

Despite how it sounds, this is not a joke. Well, maybe it is, but it’s a fantastic demonstration of IPv6 addressing, and you can join in on the fun right now too!

Restricted Memory & Data Framing Tricks

 c memory embedded ti msp430 union

Working on microcontrollers is a far cry from the essentially unlimited memory and floating point operations available in Python and other high level languages. Here’s what I have been learning at my first internship…

Runnerspace, Built in Under 30 Hours

 flask hackathon utsa rowdyhacks projects

I attended Rowdy Hacks 2022 at UTSA, and while I can’t say I left smiling, I did create a pretty cool project that I’d like to talk about.

Project Facelift, New and Old

 projects photography update

Through December, I decided to make heavy visual changes to many of my biggest projects, creating custom banners, of which I am quite proud…

Jekyll, GitHub Pages, and Azabani

 jekyll github-pages

This is my first time trying to create a proper blog, and my second time using GitHub pages, the first less than 2 weeks earlier.

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